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Vecta Design Montreal

Vecta Design offers more than 150 colors and 6 finishes available for your stretch ceiling. Vecta is the perfect and modern solution for any construction, renovation and interior design project.



Glossy ceilings have a mirror effect and visually enlarges rooms where they are installed. * Most popular choice !


Matte stretch ceilings are a classic choice for more conservative clients who prefer their ceilings perfectly even, non-reflective and everlasting.


Satin ceilings are perfectly smooth and have a subtle hint of reflection, which gives stylishness to the interior.


Printed ceilings are availables in any of our finishes. We offer a large collection of images for you to chose from (you can also send us your own image). They can also be backlit.


Translucent ceilings can be installed throughout the entire room or as a segment in a variety of shapes. They can be backlit.


Metallic ceilings have a mirror effect with a touch of metal effect.


The biopruf ceiling is anti-germ, anti-fungus and anti-bacterial.


The perforated ceiling can be used for aesthetic, acoustic or air transfer purposes.


Our Color Colllection 2017-2018 is available here !

Do you need more information about our colors and finishes ?


L-853 Onyx

L-812 Gris

L-897 Stone

L-811 Granit

L-872 Metro

L-891 Perle

L-864 Roma

L-100 Alpine White

L-801 Blanc Super

L-890 Beige

L-845 Nephrite

L-828 Lazurit

L-846 Caraibe

L-823 Gala

L-814 Shanse

L-818 Mastic

L-863 Capri

S-816 Matiss

L-820 Punch

L-865 Porto

L-866 Espresso

L-894 Tiracot

L-888 Kaffee

L-842 Petrole

L-893 Amarante

L-827 Amazone

L-817 Chocolate

L-800 Noir

L-841 Grenat

L-838 Cherry

L-840 Bordo

L-837 Vita

L-822 Orange

L-821 Mangue

L-849 Peche

L-819 Coral

L-847 Golf

L-831 Green

L-899 Apple

L-857 Toro

L-854 Rock

L-803 Marsala

L-836 Azale

L-852 India

L-810 Purple

L-898 Lilas

L-808 Nelson

L-855 Vosges

L-807 Ocean

L-825 Absent

L-895 Solaire

L-859 Solino

L-830 Marine

L-806 Saphir

L-844 Night

L-804 Ultra

L-892 Pacifique

L-843 France

L-805 Laguna

L-802 Blue

L-861 Bizmot

L-833 Pole

L-824 Floriss

L-860 Citron

L-850 Sun

M-501 Blanc Premium

M-504 Papirus

M-509 Sun

M-503 Gerbera

M-505 Coat

S-714 Vulcano

S-740 Oleander

S-701 Neige

S-750 Bioclean

S-715 Elefant

S-707 Iris

S-705 Rose

S-723 Pink

S-710 Magnelia

S-708 Begolia

S-706 Cyclamen

S-725 Fianit

S-711 Nautic

S-717 Aqua

S-713 Crocus

S-712 Spring

S-719 Fiora

S-718 Yell

S-709 Desert

S-721 Petunia

S-722 Steppe

S-704 Vanille

T-400 Pure White

T-402 Crystal

T-403 White

T-404 Extra

T-405 Lumi

LM-262 Snow

LM-903 Argent

LM-908 Persia

LM-909 Bronze

LM-900 Corund

Printed colors may present a slight variation with the reality, our sample booklet is available for more precision