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What is a stretch ceiling ? A Vecta stretched ceiling is a non flammable sheet in PVC which is tightened under the effect of heat on the periphery of the walls with special tracks systems. Vecta stretch ceilings are installed a few centimeters of the existing ceiling with a minimum distance of 2.5 cm.

How is a luminous ceiling created ? We have a wide choice of luminous option for your stretch ceiling. We can make a full backlit, edge lighting, linear lighting, etc.

How is a luminous ceiling created ? At Vecta, we offer several backlight options that will meet your needs, space constraints and budgets. Whether full backlit, mood backlit, corniche ou niche lighting, light boxes or linear lighting (led strips), everything is possible.

Can we create 3D shapes with Vecta stretch ceiling ? Yes, we can create shapes like cathedral ceilings, waves, curves, domes, pyramids, etc.

How is a Vecta stretch ceiling installed ? Vecta stretch ceilings are installed a few centimeters of the existing ceiling with a minimum distance of 2.5 cm. For more information about the installation :

Can you add inserts in Vecta ceiling ? Yes, we can install lighting in Vecta stretch ceilings : chandeliers, recessed spotlights, LED strips, etc. We alfo offer our own spotlights and our special rail systems with LED included.

Can we remove a Vecta stretch ceiling ? Yes, a Vecta stretch ceiling can be removed and re-installed, thanks to the harpoon.

How long does it tage to install a Vecta stretch ceiling ? Depending of the complexity of your ceiling, the average lead time for production and installation is 14 workings days. Your Vecta ceiling will generally be installed withinf a day, depeiding on the shape, size, complexity etc.

What is the warranty on a Vecta stretch ceiling ? Vecta Design Montreal stretch ceilings are warrantied for 20 years against seam failures.

Which is the lifespam of a Vecta stretch ceiling ? Some of the oldest ceilings have been isntalled for more than 30 years.

Do Vecta stretch ceilings meet fire standards ? yes, Vecta ceilings meet the criteria of international fire standards such as UL / ULC.

Can we clean a Vecta stretch ceiling ? Yes, our stretch ceilings are cleanable. You can use either a household cleaner (such as Bonami) and a micro-fiber cloth

Do Vecta stetch ceilings have acoustical properties ? Yes, we offer micro perforated stretch ceiling which provides professional quality sound absortion results. For more information, contact us.

How much cost a Vecta stretch ceiling ? Vecta stretch ceilings are unique and custom fabricated. The price depends on your choice or color, finish, the number of corners, the acoustical or printed option, the integration of lights, and the complexity of the installation. Each Vecta Design stretch ceiling is unique ! Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote.