Vecta Design Montreal, the stretch ceiling specialist in the greater Montreal



Vecta Design is the first one a professional manufacturer stretch ceilings in the Baltic countries.


In the last decade, Vecta Design has earned an enviable reputation for quality of production and service.


At Vecta Design Montreal, in the same spirit, we care about all the details from the production to the installation. At the end of production, the ceiling is carefully pass 4 stages of quality control.


By doing business with Vecta Design Montreal, you work without intermediaries with a real guarantee. Vecta Design Montreal is the only stretch ceiling company offering a 20-year warranty on fabrics and 5-year on labor. In addition, we offer emergency service* in case of water damage in stretch ceiling.

In 2016, Vecta Design produced 2.8M$ sqf (260000m2) of stretch ceilings. The ceilings are equivalent to 35 football fields .


m2 prouduction area


m2 stretch ceilings per year


Number of workers


m2 reserve material in stock


With new light profiles Vecta Light Solutions give the ability to create unique ceiling

Thanks to its structure, VECTA DESIGN acoustic ceilings are ideal to improve acoustics of the room and also reduce distracting noises

2 professional printers allowing you to print images on any stretch ceilings

Wall molding, molds 3d stands, lamps, columns, starry sky with the possibility the use of fiber optics etc.

Possibility of complexe shapes of ceilings

Choose different textures like mat, satin, gloss, translucent metallic, the mirror, etc.

More than 150 colors